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BD Removals

Bd Removals has over 17 years of experience in supplying customers with vehicles and drivers throughout Europe.

EconomyMove has over 17 years of experience in supplying customers with vehicles and drivers throughout Europe,

These Terms and Conditions refer to all Loads whether Full or Part Loads.

1a, We assure our customers that we will load/unload and deliver whatever fits into our vehicles, within the vehicle’s volume/legal weight allowance of 20m3/1000kg.

1b, We will load and unload all your items and where required weigh/wrap and box all your precious possessions for an additional fee.

1c, From 1st January 2021 Customers must prepare their own inventory sheet itemising all boxes and items with full description and valuation for all loading/unloading but we will itemise upon collection all items for an additional fee. 

2a, Your quote is based on ground floor to ground floor with reasonable access, additional charges will be incurred if any deviations are not stated at the time of booking or 24 hours after a deposit being paid. (max 10m from vehicle location to entrance of the delivery address/doorstep)

2b, You may incur additional charges if the driver needs to pay for parking whilst loading/unloading or waiting.

2c, All balance/full payment must be received prior to the unloading at delivery address, If not we reserve the right to divert the delivery to our warehouse in Alicante, Estepona Spain or Blackpool Bedford UK  

2d. In the event of the balance / Full payment not being received in full within 28 x days after collection (Re: items going into free or paid storage) we reserve the right to add late payment charges of 8% per annum (1.5% per month).  

2e, Charges for unloading/loading/trans shipping all excess/non-booked items will be charged at £40 per hour warehouse labour plus £75 per vehicle Loading and £75 un loading  

2f, Booked Storage will be charged at £2.70 per cubic metre per week (or part thereof) All non Pre booked storage will be charged at £5.70 per cubic metre per week.

All storage/warehouse/unload reload fees payable must have cleared funds prior to re loading from warehouse to delivery address. 

3a, All items valued in excess of £150 must be notified in writing. If not then our maximum of £50 per cubic metre applies, We are not responsible if the customer has failed to

notify these items beforehand.

4a, Your Dedicated Vehicle Quote will be based on a standard 20m3/1000kg Volumetrically loading capacity vehicle plus European experienced driver. 

4c, Your driver will require a minimum of 1 x able bodied capable adult at the collection/delivery points to assist with loading/unloading. (please note term 2a)

4c, All waiting time: at collection/delivery locations, The standard times for loading/unloading your personal goods are 2 x hours. If you do not add extra hours on booking

(£25per hour) you will be charged £40 per hour and will be invoiced accordingly. 

4d, If the customer or their representative fail to attend at the agreed time/date or refuses to load/unload the vehicle then after 30 minutes waiting as an emergency procedure the driver will commence load/unload one man handling items (max 25kg per single item) himself. This will incur an additional charge of £200 per event.

4e, If you wish to delay your vehicle/s we reserve the right to charge £250 per day/per vehicle whilst the vehicle/driver lay idle. This must be paid in full via transfer any time prior to delivery, cleared funds prior to unloading.

4f, Should we have to wait overnight then our hotel/food expenses must also be covered by the customer. If any driver/porter is paid to assist with loading/unloading the vehicles, they must have a minimum of 1 x capable adult per vehicle at collection/delivery to assist. If less than 2 persons per vehicle are available and if the collection/delivery are suitable

4g, All phone calls made/received in countries outside the EU to customers regarding their job will be charged at £1.00 per minute. It is customers responsibility to make sure our vans will have parking available at all the collection points and drops.

4h, All parking permits and fines will have to be paid by the customer.

4i, For customers who wish to use their own customs paperwork We are not responsible for any incorrect paperwork/taxes due by customs for the transportation of your goods. It is totally the customers responsibility, any delays due to incorrect paperwork will be charged at £20 per hour or as 4E then the same conditions as detailed above. 

5a, If a job is cancelled on short notice (within 120 x hours of arranged date/time) irrespective of a deposit received or not a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

6a, We operate 20 plus vehicles; we also work alongside other companies to ensure the best possible service as we cannot always do the work ourselves. All subcontracted companies will work to our rule on the Terms and Conditions on this website and you will be covered under their insurance company.

6b, Some of our drivers are not fully fluent in English. 

7a, Payment terms are a deposit to book the job then the balance paid in full no less than 24 hours prior to your delivery time. Failure to do so could delay your delivery and incur additional charges. Deposits are none refundable, If cancelled 14 days prior to collection date.

7b, Additional excess vehicles booked are also subject to a £250 cancellation fee. 

7c, In the event we cannot weigh our vehicle once we have loaded a full house move, we are not responsible for any fines due to being overweight on the van, any fines will need to be paid by the customer in cash/card prior to unloading. 

7d, Your EconomyMove Invoice payment must be received in full no later than 24 hours after your collection Invoice time (14 x days after your collection invoice time). Once paid you must inform via email to payment confirmation. This will avoid any delay to your scheduled delivery time. If payment not adhered to, we reserve the right to charge £150 for further administration.

8a, For International & Domestic Removals, we provide Total Loss cover which is limited Liability cover if your whole consignment is lost\damaged due to a major incident. Additional Goods in Transit Insurance is available for additional cover for specific items, and this can be arranged via our website. 

8b, It is your responsibility to ensure all mattresses, sofas, items of furniture, white goods, pictures etc are wrapped prior to collection. We will forward you photos of how to prepare goods for transport. Electronic Equipment (TVs etc.) must be in the original Box or one purchased from any retailers with the polystyrene or padded corners and the screens fully protected wrapped in the protection or bubble wrap, if this is not completed we WILL not accept any insurance claims.

9a, We reserve the right to keep the customers goods whilst charging the relevant storage fees until payment is received  in full.

9b, If the balance is not paid within 1 x week, we will sell the goods at auction to recover our costs.

10a, Any negative or derogatory comments made online or verbally unless admitted by EconomyMove or proven in a court of law may be deemed as harmful to our business reputation resulting in compensation being sought from the perpetrators.

10b, Due to Brexit we cannot guarantee any published prices after the 1st January 2021

10c, All invoice balances must be paid no less than 14 days after your collection date of your items if not received then we will cancel your free storage including items in storage.

11d, In accepting our estimate / quote, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

11e, If you exceed your agreed volume or weight allowance there will be additional charges.

12a, For Part/Co/Excess Loads a minimum of 2 x cubic meters, general household items & boxes only, We allow 60kg per 1 x cubic meter volumetrically

12b, If you exceed our quoted/agreed 1m3/60kg per cubic meter. Excess weight will be worked out at £197 per cublc metre/60kgs volumetrically 

12c, Collection/delivery dates are as when passing but within 28 x days of quote, unless dates and times are booked, We will advise you of this with at least 24 hours’ notice before. Collection/deliveries are between the hours of 7am to 7pm (Specific collection/delivery dates/times will be subject to availability and will be charged accordingly, please ask for available dates and rates).

12d, One-man collection/delivery your driver will need assistance with larger items (over 25kgs/50x50x50. Please note additional porters can e arranged (min 48 x hours’ notice) for a minimum fee of £100.

12e, The customer is responsible for ensuring the items are export wrapped/prepared for international transport, unless ordering our packaging and wrapping service. (you may request photo’s of how we expect items to be prepared prior to our arrival)

12f, All furniture (i.e. Welsh Dressers, Chest of Drawers, Bedside Cabinets, TV Units etc) must be empty of goods.

14a, Prior to our collection you are required to label each item and do an inventory using labels & Inventory sheets which will be emailed to you, if you don’t have access to a printer please write on a piece of A4 paper.

14b, Any items not numbered/labelled or where an inventory has not been prepared will be charged at £1 per item to be numbered/labelled and £1 per item to inventory, these charges do not include customs charges.  

14c, All additional items to those declared on fixed price bookings will be charged at £197 per cubic metre/60 kgs volumetrically.

14d, The goods are insured for £50 per cubic meter total loss. If you require additional insurance, please refer to a reputable Insurance company. 

14e, We will not transport unwrapped unprepared items as these items could damage fellow customers goods. As a duty of care, we will blanket wrap at a charge of £7 per item, (Blankets will be retained by your driver upon delivery), export bubble/cardboard wrap at a charge of £11 per item.

14f, It is the customers responsibility to prove any electrical items are working on collection in front of the driver If this is not completed and signed as working by driver 

then no claims will be accepted. 

14g, For areas within the M25 we reserve the right to administer additional charges.

Please Note: ECONOMYMOVE reserve the right to charge all/any customs/entry/exit fees incurred from unarranged co/part loads post 1st/January/2021

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